Pollbuzzer: Quickest, Easiest Way to Earn A Buck!

Once in a while, a new company comes along that just does everything right. Pollbuzzer is that company right now! What is Pollbuzzer you ask?  Pollbuzzer is what you wish every survey or polling site would be.  It's a new poll company that has simplified everything to the nth degree and has made earning a $1 so easy!

You sign up on their site and fill out your profile and wait for a poll to come in your email. When they send you a poll you want to complete it in 24 hours time and if you do, you will receive $1 for mere seconds, yes SECONDS of your time! AND to make it even easier, you don't even leave your email to do it. All you do, is click on whatever answer you choose for the poll right there in the email they send you! It gets even better........they automatically pay you the $1 for the poll you answered directly to your PayPal account you put in your profile. You don't have to request it, they just go ahead and pay you for it! You don't have to wait weeks or months for it, they pay you within 24 hours time of taking it! You never even have to go to their site ever again except to get your referral link and see how much you've earned from them if you want to.  Now, this is how a great company treats their members! So easy, take a poll, earn a buck and without even leaving your email! It doesn't get any easier than this! If you want to refer people, you get $1 after they've answered 4 polls.

The ONLY 2 cons I've found.....if you can really even call them cons:
 #1 ~ Don't count on this as a regular source of income. They send you polls as they get one for your demographic. This just means that you aren't guaranteed to get a poll every day, every week or even every month. BUT you are guaranteed a fun, easy, poll-taking experience and get paid $1 if you do it within 24 hours of receiving it and without any hassle! Hey, I received 5 in one day recently! Quickest $5 I've EVER made!
#2 ~ There's no way to know if anyone has signed up under you and who they are.

Everything else is PRO all the way! It really doesn't get easier than this to earn a buck!   

If you are interested in joining Pollbuzzer, I highly recommend this new site! I've had 10 polls and been paid $10 via PayPal with absolutely no problems. Also, it allows more than one member per household as long as they have their own PayPal address. I love it when sites allow more than one per household so others in my life that want to earn some $ can do it too!  

Here's a screen shot of my polls I've received with Pollbuzzer so far:
Happy Polling!


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  2. They're gone now, thanks for stopping by and letting me know. :)