Tellwut - One of the Easiest and Best Survey Sites out there!

Have you heard of Tellwut yet? They are a new, fun and rewarding survey site based out of Toronto, Canada and they are quickly growing in popularity.  Tellwut stands for "Tell What You Think". If you want to make some money online, you have got to check them out! They aren't like most survey sites where you get disqualified after spending 15 minutes or more. In fact, at Tellwut you will NEVER get disqualified! Yes, you heard me right! At Tellwut, you will ALWAYS get credit! The surveys are polls created by people like you and me and businesses create them as well.  Below is a screen shot of a survey I created so you can see what to expect:
 You can go ahead and take surveys without being a member, but then you'd miss out on all the perks!  Signing up is a breeze! No, spending lots of time filling out pages and pages of demographics and preferences. It only takes a minute! Here's the nitty gritty on joining Tellwut:

  • Open to USA and Canada residents age 18 and older
  • One account per household
  • 100 Points for joining (only takes a minute to join!)
  • 100 More Points for verifying your email and filling out Profile (name, address so they know where to send your rewards)
  • 5 - 10 Points for every survey you complete
  • 15 + Points if it's a business survey you complete
  • 25 Points for every referral
  • Rewards can be redeemed at 4000 points (3500 if you want a WWE wrestling dvd)

    4000 Points may seem like a lot, but you will be amazed at how quickly those points add up.  The day I joined, I had earned over 1100 points from all the surveys I took and my sign up points! I only wish I had been more active the first few months, cause I sure missed out on a lot of surveys. Look at this screenshot of my order history:
     It shows I redeemed my first 4,000 points for a $10 Amazon Gift Card on June 5, 2012 and my second redemption was 10,000 points for a $25 Walmart Gift Card on July 30, 2012. Both times they arrived at my house in 2-3 days via postal mail. Now that is pretty awesome and fast too! You can see how quickly the points added up for me since the redemptions were not far apart and I even added an extra $15 to my second one! :)

    Here is the list of rewards offered so far:
    • 4000 Points = $10 Gift Card to: Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Future Shop or Best Buy Canada ($10 Walmart card is no longer offered as of 12/06/12)
    • 4200 Points = $10 Gift Card to Cineplex (Canada only)
    • 10,000 Points = $25 Gift Card to Amazon or Walmart
    • 15,000 Points = Tellwut T-Shirt
    • 20,000 Points = $50 Amazon Gift Card
    • 40,000 Points = $100 Amazon Gift Card
    • 100,000 Points = $250 Amazon Gift Card
    • 250,000 Points = Motorola XOOM Android Tablet
    That's a pretty good list of rewards. I am pretty fond of the Walmart Gift Cards these days, since to me, it is just like cash because we do a lot of grocery shopping there and it's money I would use anyway and hey, this way it's money that I earned doing simple surveys that don't take up any time at all.  You saw the poll above, it only takes a few seconds to complete!

    When taking surveys at Tellwut, I highly recommend checking back often throughout the day.  I have it set as a favorite on my toolbar so all I have to do is click on the Tellwut icon and if there is a new survey to take, it comes up automatically. One tip to make sure you are getting all the surveys is to click on the "Home" tab after every survey you complete. If there is another survey to take, it will come up. If nothing happens, then that means there aren't any new ones to take at that time. Rest assured, it won't be long before there are more added though.  Plus you can always create your own to keep them coming in. You are allowed to create 2 surveys a day, so take advantage of that! When you create a survey and they approve it to be used, not only do you get the points for creating one, BUT you also get points for taking it!  :)

    Another thing that is unique at Tellwut.....Have you ever wished you could comment on a survey afterwards? Well, now you can! Under the "Account" tab you will find a list of all the surveys you've ever taken at Tellwut. To comment on any of them, just click on the survey and under the "Results" tab you can scroll down and read other members comments and add your own if you wish. Just remember to play nice and have fun! You will most likely see me there as I comment fairly often. Come join in the fun!

    I also have to say that if you ever need to contact Tellwut for any reason, you will be pleasantly surprised at how nice, friendly and professional the staff is AND they respond quickly too! That is hard to come by these days and they sure do a great job!
    Don't waste anymore time, join Tellwut today! You have nothing to lose and only $ to gain!  See ya there!
    ***PLEASE NOTE: Edited 12/09/12 to show the $10 Walmart gift card is no longer being offered. :( We can still redeem for the $25 Walmart gift card, which is what I started doing already anyway, but liked having the $10 as an option! Hope they change it back! :)


    1. I am taking your advice. I just signed up.

    2. That's great! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :) When taking the surveys, don't forget to click on the "home" tab after each one to bring up another new survey to take. If nothing comes up, it means there's not any new ones at the moment. New ones are put up at different times of the day and night, so, check back often! You will be racking up enough points to redeem in no time! Come back and let me know how you like it! Have a great evening! :)

    3. Do you have any more survey sites as easy as Tellwut in which the members are the one making the survey questions and not some company questions. Thanks

    4. Hi niwrech0618, yes I do. To the right of this page do you see the survey with the green writing on it and at the bottom it says "show me my prize"? Just answer the 3 questions and click on "show me my prize" and it will take you to that site! It pays with PayPal and they pay within the same day usually. Most of the time only a few hours. You can cash out once you get to $2. The only thing they don't have that I wish they did was a comment section. If you want more info on it, let me know. I keep meaning to do a post on it, but haven't updated the site in a while. Thanks for stopping by and I'm always glad to help if I can. Have a good evening!

    5. I’ve been on Tellwut for 2 – 3 months; it does exactly what is says it’ll do. I’m over half way to my 4th Amazon $10 card.

      The major problem I have is that they must have lousy IT people and cheap network equipment! The site is as slow as molasses in February! And it crashes quiet often.

      Seriously, I like the site’s concept, but when it literally takes 2+ minutes to do 3 surveys, I just don’t want to waste that kind of time.

      Hey Tellwut, hire some good IT guys and but some top of the line switches and routers!

    6. Sorry I did not see your comment earlier. I understand the slowness factor you are talking about and have witnessed it myself. However, they have updated their servers and the site has been running very smoothly. Every site has server issues sometimes, all of them do, even the ones who've been around for a long time. The site has never "crashed" though. They've merely updated it as all sites do from time to tome. The slowness on Tellwut at times seems to come when there is a contest going on. When the contest is over, the site moves very fast with pages loading instantly. I am sure you're now experiencing the speediness of the site once again. Thanks for stopping by!

    7. does anyone know of a website like tellwut that pays by paypal

    8. Yes, as far as creating your own surveys goes, InstantCashSweepstakes pays only via PayPal and within the same day usually. I just did a post about them a few weeks ago:

      I don't know of a site like Tellwut where you rack up so many points daily though.

      If I ever find one, I will definitely have it on here. Thanks for stopping by Crystal. :)

    9. I really like this site and go on it daily.

    10. I'm glad you are enjoying it Leona! I haven't been in awhile actually, but keep meaning to try to take time to get on there. I miss it!