Darwin's Data: A Survey Site That Values Your Time

See that image above? Yeah, you see correctly, and it's not a scam either! :)

USA residents, listen up! Have I got an incredible new survey company for you to check out! It's been around for about 9 months now and it's called Darwin's Data.

It's a legal survey site, meaning their surveys consist of legal dispute cases.
Don't let the "legal" part deter you, it is interesting and a lot of fun! It's like being part of a mock jury. You watch a video of a legal case and then answer your opinions on it in the question part of the survey afterwards. 

I joined on May 2, 2013 and am very pleasantly surprised with my experience with them.  To join, you can go to their home page by clicking on the image above, or at the bottom of this post. When you get there, click on the "Request an Invite" tab, fill out some basic info and wait for them to email you an invite.   I believe I received my invite on the same day.

When you receive your invite to participate with them, it will include a link to do your online profile and it is done in a survey format.  This will take approximately 30 minutes of your time and has to be done in one sitting. After that, all you do is wait for them to send you your first legal dispute survey. Oh, and the best part is, you get paid to do your profile! I'm not talking points either. I am talking a $10 Amazon Gift Card!
$10 Amazon Gift Card just for filling out your Profile Survey!

They value your time not with a few points that you save up to get to some crazy amount before you can cash out, but by giving you actual money to use on Amazon. I received my $10 Amazon Gift Card within 3 hours of completing my profile! Now, that's fast in the survey world!

It sounded too good to be true......$10 to do my profile, yeah right.  Most other sites that lure you in with the promise of even $5 make you wait til you've reached $30 or more to be able to cash out. It's true though, they really do pay you $10 in Amazon and fast too! No cashing out is ever necessary either, they take note that you've completed it and email you your gift card shortly after.

I received my first legal dispute survey on June 6, 2013. That was just over a month after I joined. Don't expect this to be a site you can earn a living off of, but they DO pay, they pay on time and they are FUN to do!  It's so refreshing to do a survey that isn't based on whether or not I have purchased toilet paper in the past 3 months or if I've been on a plane in the last week, lol.  I mean these are super fun surveys and I can't wait for my next one!

The total survey with video and questions, ended up being less than an hour long. Very simple and worth my time. Within 24 hours I received my first $25 Amazon Gift Card as payment for completing the survey.

$25 for completing 1st Survey and every survey thereafter!

When was the last time you got paid $25 for less than an hour of your time doing a survey at home? It doesn't happen to most people very often! Well, you get $25 Amazon Gift Card for every survey you do with them, and possibly even a bonus! They may not come every week or every month or only a few times a year, but hey, it's easy, it's fun and it's so worth it! Plus, with Amazon Gift cards you never have to worry about them expiring. Just add them to your Amazon account and they stay in there til you use them! So, you can keep adding to your gift balance and save them all up as long as you want to. OR you can give the codes to a friend or family member if you wish also.

Darwin's Data has responded to any communication I've had with them, whether it was via email, facebook or twitter. They also actively participate with their members, which is always nice to see a company do. If you ever have an issue, you want to know they have your back and they certainly do at Darwin's Data.

The requirements to join are simple: 
    • Be a US Citizen
    • Over the age of 18
    • Have a Driver's License or be a Registered Voter
    • High Speed Internet Connection 
I know there are some wondering and yes, at least as the time of this writing, they do allow more than 1 person per household. Each person must have their own email address. Be honest people and do not create multiple fake accounts. It will not be tolerated! Just like any other survey company, surveys are sent out based on each individual's demographic information, so not everyone will get a survey at the same time. They send them out based on their client's needs and if they have one that fits your profile, you will receive an email to take it.

*** If you feel this post has been helpful to you and you want to join, please consider entering MyIncomeHelper as your referral when it asks "How'd you hear about us?". That question is part of the profile survey invitation they will be emailing to you. I would greatly appreciate it! Right now that is the way their referral system works.***
So, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge and give your opinion in a legal dispute and get a $25 Amazon Gift card for payment from a reputable company that truly values your time. :) 


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  2. Thank you very much! So glad you happened by and stop by anytime! More to come for sure, stay tuned. :) I visited your page as well, interesting site!

  3. Nice site!! Mine's just getting started. :-)

  4. Thanks Donna! Good luck with yours!