How to Review Products for FREE or at a HUGE Discount on Amazon!

Extremely Small Sample of Products I've Reviewed. Total cost $14.73! Cost on Amazon presently $154.41!!!

Have you ever wondered how some people are able to do reviews on Amazon for companies? You know what I'm talking about? You've seen the reviews where people say something like, "I was able to review this product for free...", or "I was able to review this product at a huge discount in exchange for my honest review".  I always have wondered how they got to do that. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I found out purely by accident! Someone mentioned a site they belong to in a forum I participate in every month. I joined the 2 sites they mentioned through their links, and honestly, I didn't expect very much.

THEY. ARE. AMAZING!!!  Seriously!  They are FREE to join too!

See the image at the top of this post? That is just a VERY very small sampling of items I've reviewed, and received at significant discounts. Those are the first items I reviewed in the first week I started this new venture, literally just a couple of weeks ago. The items in that photo would've cost me $154.41 if I had purchased them outright. (and that is Amazon's sale prices, not retail!) Because of these sites that are an avenue to connecting companies to reviewers, I was able to only pay $14.73! I am an extremely frugal shopper, and that even blew my capabilities out of the water, lol.  Now, some items I needed, some I wanted, and some were just plain cool. :)  Since then, I've received and reviewed over 55 items! I haven't tallied it all up yet, but I will share it in an upcoming post with more photos of products I've been lucky enough to receive at amazing prices, and many of them completely free. You just can't beat FREE!

I have since found more sites that participate in connecting people with companies that have products that they need to have reviewed. I will list them all once I get permission from all of them to do so. I am still waiting to hear back from about half of them, and I am sure I will be adding many more to my list as I find them.  If you happen to know of some I don't have listed, please let me know.

So, what are the sites?
I'm sure you are ready to see what some of these sites have to offer, so to get you started, here are three of the sites I have joined, and participate with regularly:


If you join any of them, please let me know how you like the sites in the comment section below.

Follow The Rules

Each site has its own membership requirements, so be sure to read their Rules/TOS/FAQ's. Some rules apply for ALL of the sites, such as:

1) You MUST leave a review in a specified period of time or you will be banned from ever participating again.

2) You CANNOT purchase the same item more than once.

3) You MUST include your Amazon Profile link somewhere...either in your account where it specifies, or in some cases, per item you request to review.

4) You CANNOT share your promo code with ANYONE, EVER!!!

5) You MUST mention somewhere in your review that you received the item at a discount or for free, in exchange for your honest review.

6) You CANNOT purchase or receive any of these items with the intention of selling them to make money.

Those are just some of the rules, off the top of my head, that I know they ALL go by. I will list more, as they become apparent.  If the rules are not followed, you WILL more than likely be banned, and possibly worse.

How is all of this possible?

Well, companies need reviews. Many of the sellers of these items are new companies, or have new products.  So, they join these sites, and agree to a certain number of items to be given away, or sold at huge discounts in order to get honest reviews for their products.

Sometimes it may only be 10 items, so they go fast. Sometimes it's 500 items. Some of the sites have time limits, will give hours of when certain products will be listed that day, or some are available all the time for a certain number of days. Another site, might have it so that the seller contacts YOU if they think your reviews you've written already are good and honest enough, that they want you to review their product. They all have their own way of handling this amazingly awesome opportunity. 
Oh, and all of the sites and sellers DO check your reviews. So, don't think you can just write a few words, and be done with it. They really check! Be honest, share your opinion of the product, and have fun!


Don't forget, you absolutely CANNOT get the same item twice....even if it's from a different site. The seller is the SAME, and the item is the SAME. So, you can't leave a review on Amazon more than once for the same item. If you try to purchase the same item from multiple sites, you will most likely get banned. You also may have to pay full price to the seller for the items you bought. It's called stealing folks! So. Just. Don't. Do. It! Got it?!


These sites quickly become addicting!!!  You'll find yourself checking them multiple times a day to see if something new has come on. I know I do!
 I highly recommend you follow them on twitter, and on their facebook pages so you don't miss out on anything.

I will do a little summary on each one in an upcoming post that shows the differences between them. They all have their own unique way of doing things.

What about Shipping costs?

I must tell you, that unless you are an Amazon Prime member, you would still have to pay for shipping if you choose any items to review.  Amazon Prime members literally get these items for Free (as long as the item is a Prime item, which fortunately, for me, they all have been so far), or at insanely discounted prices!  So, if you are not an Amazon Prime member yet, it's truly worth your while to consider joining. Here is a post I did on it yesterday Amazon Prime There's an Advantage You Probably Don't Know About.
If you have thought about joining Amazon Prime, or just want to check it out, here is a link to the site where you can read up on all it has to offer. Just click on the image below, or click here: Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

So, are you ready to see what products these companies have for you today? What are you waiting for?!  Have fun, and please feel free to share what you've gotten from them in the comments below. :)

*Note, this post and site may contain affiliate links. I only link to sites I use personally, as I would never feel comfortable linking to something I wouldn't use myself.

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