JINGIT......EASY and FAST $40-$60 a Month!

***NOTE: Updated amounts have been added since Jingit announced new earning limits April 2012! :)     (This post was originally written Dec. 6, 2011 on my HealthMindedLiving blog. )

I was recently introduced to JINGIT the other day and I am ecstatic about it! If you've been reading my blog, you are aware that I have multiple chemical sensitivities and am unable to work out in the "real" world anymore and seriously need to make money from home. Well, JINGIT is by far the easiest way, and fastest way to make a possible $20 $40 a month to $40 $60 a month. $5 $10 a week may not be a lot to many, but it's an awful lot to me. That extra $20-$40 $40 -$60 a month, is a week of groceries, gas money, or will help out with getting the supplements I need, help pay the cable bill etc. 

All you do is watch a few commercial videos a week and you will get paid INSTANTLY for each and every one! That's it! (I belong to another video site and I've been doing it for almost 2 months now and have only made a little over $5 and I can't cash out til I get $8!) If it was JINGIT, I'd have made at least $40 by now, maybe $80! So, trust me, this is HUGE in the world of trying to make money online. 

Oh, and guess what?!? You only have to be 13 to join!  Most sites require a minimum age of 18, so, parents, if you want to help your kids earn the value of a dollar and make their own money to help pay for the things that they want get them to join JINGIT!

I took some screen shots so you all can see how incredibly easy this is to do and earn money:

 The video has finished playing now and the next screen will look like the one below:

Ok, let's press the "Pay Me Now!" button and watch the account balance go up. :)

It doesn't get any easier than that! That's all there is to it! Watch videos, get paid! You are probably wondering how you get paid, right? Super easy! See image below:

Took image in middle of it crediting my .11, so photo doesn't show it change to $6.15, but I assure you it did. It shows the .11 about to be credited. Bad timing when taking the shot is all. :) Oh and nice feature is, when you get credited it makes a cash sound. :)
Oh and with the visa debit card you sign up for with US Bank through JINGIT to cash out, you can put the money from your account balance onto your card IMMEDIATELY or whenever you want to! You don't have to wait til you get $20 or $50 into your account before you can cash out. You can cash out several times a day if you wish! Just no more than 31 times in a month. If you go over the 31 times, all it means is you have to wait until the next month starts to add it to your card again. So, you have complete control over when to use your money! You can even use the routing number you get with the paperwork from your Jingit card to transfer the money from your card to your PayPal account if you want to! So, if you want it to go into your PayPal account, there is a way to do it! :)

If you want, you can also use the balance in your account to get music from musicme instead of putting it on the us bank visa/debit card.

To join, be 13 or older, have your own cell phone number and a facebook account.......that's it! So, more than one member per household can join as long as each person has their own cell phone number and facebook account. When you join, it will ask for your number and then it will send you a text with a code that you enter on your sign up screen. It only takes a few seconds to receive the code. That is the only text you get, so, if you don't have a text account with your phone, the one time fee your provider charges for this text will pay for itself easily when you sign in to watch a video or two.  (FYI, google voice numbers will not work when signing up.)

Everyone starts out at a limit of earning up to $5  $10 a week ($20 $40 a month) and every person that signs up under you will add an additional earning of .25 a week til you get to the $10 $15 a week ($40  $60 a month) limit. That could go up in the future as they are a new company and have stated they are going to be adding more ways to earn money. (as of April 21, 2012 it DID go up as you can see by the crossing out of the original amounts!) :)

Ready to earn some money?  I'd be honored if you joined me. Just click on the JINGIT image below to sign up and start making money today.......you'll be amazed at how fast you get to the $10! 
Jingit, the easy way to earn money online!


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  2. @a way to make money, Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Jingit is still in beta and doesn't regularly have ads, but they have some new campaigns coming soon. Let me know if you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to help if I can.

  3. This is an awsome site, THANK YOU

  4. This is amazing I'm in debt right now and this will definitely help me!